Through Movement we find ourselves

What we do

Stress Relief

All levels class that combines classic yoga postures with other techniques and movement that relieve tension, retrain the nervous system, and help your body better handle stress

Femme Fitness

A beautiful fitness practice that incorporates yoga/stretching, gentle but effective workout, and a short dance routine to loosen up, get a little sweaty, and appreciate your feminine body. This class is excellent for adding a fun, flirty twist to a stale workout routine, and building body confidence.


Focus on deepening the breath, stilling the mind, and allowing your body to come into a new state of being

Elemental Movement

The elements are occurring literally and symbolically in nature, in our lives, and in our bodies. Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth move through and around us as space, movement, heat, flow and support. Come to Elemental Movement to deepen awareness and relationship to these forces in order to move more fully in the world.