Day 3

Name your Resistance.

Check out those resolutions again. Get honest with yourself. Why DON'T you want to achieve or receive these things?

When we invite in something new, we have to let something go. Is there something you're resisting letting go of? A behavior, a relationship, an experience? Is there something you think you have to do that you don't want to do?

Write down your resistances to calling forth what you say you want.

Example: I'd like to start a retirement fund
I don't want to give up my daily spending money. I don't want to have to be mindful about where my money goes. I don't want to have money that's hard to access in case I have an emergency.

I'd like to lose 35 pounds
I don't want to count calories. I don't want to give up my nightly cocktail. I don't want to attract people I'm not interested in.

I'd like to move into a rewarding career
I don't want to give up what I know at my current job. I feel insecure starting at a new place. I'd have to go back to school to brush up on new skills to be competitive in the job market. I'm too old to change what I'm doing.