Day 1

1. Name something you’ve been wanting and haven’t been able to achieve yet - let go of debt, lose weight, find a partner, etc.

2. Name why you DON’T want that thing (anything you’re struggling to manifest is because you have resistance to it). Name as many things as you can.

3. Rephrase your reasons from step 2 into questions.

I’d like to get out of debt
I would have to work more to make more money to pay it off
Would I have to work more to make more money to pay it off?

Rephrasing into questions starts to take the polarization out of your resistance. It also starts to speak to your subconscious and to the universe. It begins to open possibilities for new experiences, options, paths to what you’re trying to create.

Note: If you’re struggling to come up with why you DON’T want to manifest the thing you want, just ask the question “Do I want (fill in the blank with what you wrote in step 1).”

Example: Do I want to be out of debt?